About me

I am David Sacco, a freelance photographer based in Madrid.

I was born and Turin a spring of 1983 from an Italian father and Brazilian mother. I grew up in a multicultural environment that gave me the opportunity to absorb a little of each culture and become a more open and prone to see diversity as a plus.


It's not just a job for me, it's my way of listening to the world in a more silent, calmed, non-judgmental way, and to get to know people for what they really are in a intimate and authentic dimension. It is amazing to discover how an image can be much more communicative than a thousand words.

Another feature that I learned to love about photography is its power to moving us to the past, just like a time machine, it can send you to those places and emotions now far in the time or get those people who are no longer here back with us.

My photography is specially focused on people, I have a deep interest in the human being and its facets.